Wagyu Ribeye, Australian

Size: 200 g


"Wagyu" has become synonymous with "luxury". This type of beef - originally produced in Japan - is extremely marbled and tender, lending an irresistible umami-flavoured layer to the beef. More than two decades ago Japanese Wagyu cattle made their way to Australia, where a new kind of Wagyu was born.

Australia has a reputation for producing clean, green and safe beef of the highest quality. This Wagyu is produced by Westholme farms in Queensland, from free-range, grass-fed cattle. Each station of the Westholme farms is stewarded by families who dedicate their lives to the land and to ensuring happy cattle, completely free from stress. These families live on and work with the land and cattle and take great pride in delivering the best steak from their home to your plate.

Sold frozen. Product of Australia.

Price per kg: $275

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