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Oven Roasted Turkey
Oven Roasted Turkey
$6.20 / 200 g
Black Forest Ham
Black Forest Ham
$3.99 / 200 g
San Daniele - Prosciutto
Take Another Bite - Tourtière
Paté de Campagne Forestier
Florence Meats - Original Beef Biltong, slab
Florence Meats - Original Beef Biltong, sliced
Saslove's Homemade Beef Jerky
Take Another Bite - Eggplant Parmesan
Brome Lake - Cider & Apple Duck Rillettes
Mastro - German Salami, slicedMastro - German Salami, sliced
Mastro - Mild Genoa Salami, sliced
Paté de Campagne with 5 Peppercorns
Florence Meats - Peri-Peri Beef Biltong, sliced
Mastro - Hot Genoa Salami, sliced
Mastro - Hungarian Salami, sliced
Take Another Bite - Shepherd's Pie
Take Another Bite - Beef Lasagna
Florence Meats - Original Beef Biltong, sticks
Brome Lake - Authentic Duck Rillettes
Mastro and San Daniele - Charcuterie TrioMastro and San Daniele - Charcuterie Trio
Saslove's Homemade Bison Jerky
Smoked Pork Neck, sliced
Mastro Chorizo Salami Chub
Maison Fayard - Duck Rillettes
Take Another Bite - Beef Chili

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