Size: 550 g


The Porterhouse is the undisputed king of the steakhouse. This is what most of us think of when we picture the ultimate steak: a nice big cut of beef that takes up the whole cutting board. Porterhouse is actually a combination steak, with tender Filet Mignon on one side of the bone and meaty New York Strip on the other. Perfect for the undecided, or for sharing on date night!

While similar to a T-Bone in that it's got a Filet and Strip portion, the Porterhouse features a full-size portion of the Filet because it's cut from the anterior of the short loin, where both portions are larger. So if you're a Fan of Filet, this is the combination steak for you!

Price per kg: $59.95

Average size per cut: 550g

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