Favuzzi - Italian Cherry Tomatoes



Bite into Favuzzi's fine-skinned Cherry Tomatoes to reveal a burst of flavour, their sweet juice enhanced by herbal notes. Ripened under the sun in Italy's Puglia region, these Cherry Tomatoes are watered with spring water that's slightly salty, given the proximity to the Adriatic Sea. Their unique terroir gives them a sweet flavour, with herbal notes. They're peeled and canned within two hours of harvesting to preserve all their nutritional properties and good taste until the moment you use them. This is Italy’s shortest production chain. Packed in a velvety tomato coulis.

Simply heat these to make a delicious sauce, or crush them over pizza dough. They can also be served as an hors d'œuvre with burrata, or to enhance braised meat and risotto recipes. Refrigerate after opening. Product of Italy.

Ingredients: tomato, tomato juice.

Size of unit: 398mL / 14oz

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