San-J - Tamari Lite Soy Sauce with 50% Less Sodium



Soy sauce is a universally delicious condiment, and as brewers for eight family generations, San-J recognizes that today’s diets recommend reducing sodium intake. That’s why they developed Tamari Lite 50% Less Sodium, a specially packaged variety of their gluten-free Tamari Soy Sauce that cuts sodium levels in half. Best of all, there’s no compromise in flavour — they've brewed Tamari Lite 50% Less Sodium to retain its rich, smooth profile. Experience all the mouthwatering ways that soy sauce’s distinct taste is used for dipping, marinating, glazing and baking.

This Tamari with 50% less sodium serves as the ideal seafood, sushi or spring roll dip for the whole table. This is also a fantastic seasoning for a vegan quinoa salad, tofu stir fry and a variety of other balanced, plant-based dishes and dressings. Tamari Lite 50% Less Sodium helps you and your family reduce salt intake while enjoying the full, enhanced flavor of homemade meals. Vegan. Kosher. GMO free. Gluten free.

Ingredients: water, soybeans, salt, alcohol (to preserve freshness), lactic acid, rice vinegar. Contains soy.

Size of unit: 296mL

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