Lucien Georgelin - Confiture 4 Agrumes



Delicious and worth savouring, Lucien Georgelin's cauldron-prepared fruit products have been made for dozens of years in their homemade style, which prioritizes above all their know-how from the territory of South-West France. Prepared with an abundance of fruit and choice ingredients, their 4 Agrumes spread will be appreciated by all. This spread contains orange, clementine, lemon and grapefruit, united for an explosive marriage!

The secret of this recipe? The simplicity of homemade taste. Fruit, pectin, a little sugar, and that's it! No additional flavours, additives, colourants or preservatives: purely good food. Can be equally enjoyed on freshly toasted bread, for breakfast, or in your favourite cake recipe. Keep refrigerated. Product of France.

Ingredients: fruit 55% (citrus 35%: oranges 13.1%, clementines 13.1%, lemons 4.4%, grapefruits 4.4%; apples 20%), sugar, gelling agent: pectin, concentrated lemon juice.


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