Zoë - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sold By: 250mL bottle


This extra virgin olive oil is made from the Koroneiki olive, which is considered the best Greek olive in the world. It packs a delicious, robust flavour and finishes with a peppery zing. It has a beautiful golden green hue, and gives off a subtle aroma of fresh vegetables. Zoë extra virgin olive oil is not blended or filtered. Koroneiki olives are handpicked every November while still green and pressed within hours of harvest. This gives Zoë's extra virgin olive oil its very low acidity of between 0.2 % to 0.4% maximum every harvest year.

Use this olive oil in a variety of ways: from a simple bread dip to pouring it into your mashed potatoes or even using it to make homemade ice cream. The possibilities and flavours are endless. Product of Greece.

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  • 250mL
  • 500mL

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