Belazu - Zhoug Paste



An intensely herbal paste that adds fresh, spicy notes to grilled vegetables, chicken and lamb. Zhoug is a bold, herbal spice paste with coriander, cloves, parsley and a kick of green chilli. Zhoug became huge in Israel in the early 1950s, in the aftermath of “Operation on Wings of Eagles,” where 50,000 Yemenites were airlifted away from political persecution. They shared their cooking skills and fresh approach; now Zhoug is the most popular hot sauce in Israel.

Use it anywhere you want a spicy freshness. Toss through roast potatoes, mix with yogurt as a dressing or dip, spread on roast cauliflower and serve with hummus, brush onto roasted lamb or aubergines, or dress a beetroot and goat cheese salad. Product of the UK.

Ingredients: sunflower oil, coriander (31%), water, parsley (9%), salt, dried jalapeño peppers, garlic purée, cloves, basil, cardamom, cumin, sugar, acidity regulator: citric acid.

Size of unit: 170g

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