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Swiss emigrants spread the art of cheese to many countries, including to the former East Prussia, which is now part of Russia. Otto Wartmann returned home to Thurgau in 1893 from a small town called Tilsit. He brought a cheese recipe with him. He refined this recipe on his timber yard in the lovely Bissegg in Thurgau, and there he cultivated cheese production with brand-new quality standards. Swiss Tilsiter had finally come home. 

Fresh milk, standardized processes, consistent quality controls – this is the recipe for faultless Tilsiter Switzerland. But when it comes to producing Tilsiter, quality is all about joy and love. After all, cheesemaking is an art. And love is as important a part of art as milk is of cheesemaking.

Tilsiter Switzerland dates back to 1893, and the recipe remains the same. The challenge: to produce a cheese that continues to excite, day after day. This is a firm raw cow's milk cheese. Product of Switzerland.

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