Size: 100 grams


Raclette is an aromatic cheese with a creamy texture and a rich history dating back to the year 1291. It’s known for its high nutritional value and was first eaten in the Swiss and Savoy (French) Alps.  Traditionally, Raclette cheese was warmed close to a fire or on a special heating plate (also called a raclette) and the melting cheese was scraped onto a plate. In fact, the word “raclette” comes from the French “racler”, meaning “scrape”.

Raclette’s taste can vary depending on its age—from nutty to milky. In the summer months, when accompanied by fresh salads or crispy vegetables, Raclette transforms into a true symphony for the taste buds. By contrast, Raclette served with fresh fruits and nuts provides hearty warmth in winter.

Lactose-Free, Gluten-Free

Product of Switzerland.

Price: $65.90/Kg

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