LeSuperbe Raclette Tradition

Title: 100 g


The connoisseur’s choice – the original from Switzerland.

In the 12th century, shepherds in the heart of Switzerland cooked their cheese on an open fire. Even today, for many cheese-makers on the Alps there is nothing better than sitting around a fire in the evening and enjoy a freshly melted raclette. The traditional production in the area of origin, according to a traditional recipe and fresh Swiss milk, give LeSuperbe Swiss Raclette Tradition its authentic and full taste to this day.

LeSuperbe Raclette Tradition is made according to time-honoured craftsmanship without artificial additives and traditionally matured for a period of 3 months. A painstaking process to create the only raclette that tastes best pure. Fine, rustic, roasted aromas give the cheese a gentle sweetness. LeSuperbe Raclette Tradition is more than just a meal: It makes your time shine like gold and takes you to another world where you can forget your daily worries around a crackling fire.

Note: This product can be sliced. If you'd like House of Cheese to slice it for you, please make a note of it in checkout.

Ingredients: pasteurized cow's milk, salt, bacteria cultures, rennet.

41% moisture, 50% MF

Price per kg.: $59.90

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