Saint-André, bulk

Title: 100 g


Saint-André is nicknamed “the heavenly cheese” for good reason. A triple crème soft-ripened cheese with velvety smoothness, Saint André hails from Pacé, a mountainous village in Normandy. The region is luscious with temperate climates, allowing the cows to graze outside for most of the year. More decadent than butter, this is an extremely rich cheese. Spread it easily over a sliver of toast—and let the sunshine melt happily onto your tongue. Pair it with a light beer or an off-dry dessert wine. This is a soft cow's milk cheese. Product of France.

Upgrade your buttered baguette with Saint André. This luscious triple crème cheese is a velvety concoction that's indulgently smooth and creamy.

Ingredients: pasteurized milk and cream, salt, lactic starters, enzyme, Penicillium Candidum and Geotrichum (harmless white moulds).

Price per kg.: $59.90

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