Saint-André is a triple crème cow's milk cheese produced in Normandy, France. This cheese has a high fat content - about 75% - because it's fortified with heavy cream, making it dense, buttery and rich. Its taste is reminiscent of Brie. The flavours of the satiny edible rind are tangy, perfectly complementing the slightly salty, decadent centre.

Saint-André's high fat content can make a white wine taste sour and metallic; a crust of baguette and a light beer, or slice of pear, are great complements. Top Saint-André with Caramel Pecan, Craisin-Currant-Walnut, or Roasted Tomato Pine Nut for a delicious apéritif! Product of France.

Ingredients: pasteurized milk and cream, salt, lactic starters, enzyme, penicillium candidum and geotrichum (harmless white moulds).

Size:  200 grams, packaged in a box.

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