Sabana Queso Cotija



In 1997, a Venezuelan couple came to Canada and decided to make it their new home - yet they longed for the tastes and flavours from their childhood. Over a cerveza, Antonieta became inspired to share the decadent cheese recipes of her great-grandparents, so she began shaping the idea of a Canadian-made Latin cheese. Sabana was born to deliver memorable food experiences to inspired foodies. Their products are made with fresh, pasteurized cow's milk from the Temiskaming Valley area of Ontario. They're committed to following old traditions, so they make small batches to ensure total freshness and optimum shelf life.

Queso Cotija is salty, crumbly and firm. It's used for grating on tacos, flautas and street corn. Also used in soups and salads. A.K.A. the Latin Parmesan. This is a firm cow's milk cheese. Product of Ontario.

40% Moisture; 23% MF

Size of unit: 200g

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