Since 1943, Rouy has affirmed its personality from the cheese heritage! The history of Rouy cheese begins at the end of the 19th century: Constant Rouy, a dairy retailer, opens his first cheese factory in Louhans. With his son Eugène, they thus made the ancestor of Rouy, the Supreme. 

Today, master cheesemakers are preserving the recipe for this orange square cheese with a rich flavour. Made in the heart of Ille et Vilaine, this cheese with its recognizable shape and colour is presented as the original of the platters. Its orange colour comes from natural pigments, Rocou. It therefore belongs to the cheese family of soft cheeses with a washed rind.

By its originality, Rouy wants to bring flavours and colours to our platters. The cheese moment at the end of a meal is an opportunity for discussions, discoveries and taste surprises. Rouy is a simple, everyday cheese that allows everyone to revisit the cheese board and get out of the ordinary. Rouy thus allows everyone to express their personality through the cheese board. Product of France.

53% Humidity; 25% MF

Size of unit: 200g

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