Président Brie Round



Centuries ago, Brie was given as tribute to French Kings and eventually regarded as “the cheese of Kings.” Louis XVI reportedly wished for one last bite of Brie upon his deathbed and the love for Brie has hardly lessened since. Président offers a variety of this versatile, soft cow’s milk cheese with a buttery and creamy taste. Suitable for any modern-day King or Queen.

Crafted in the French tradition from 100% cow’s milk, Président Brie is a staple at any gathering. It’s soft and creamy with a mild taste and snow-white, edible rind. As one of our most multifaceted cheeses, add it to a cheese plate, bake it for a warm snack or include it in a torte to complement the sweetness of fruit. Pair with champagne or Syrah, a stout, or a Scotch ale. Product of France.

54% Humidity; 25 % MF

Size of unit: 230g / 8oz

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