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Surface-ripened semi-soft farm cheese. The crust is beige-orange and the paste is buttery, supple and creamy. Its buttery smell is distinctive and rustic. To the taste, it has flavours of cream and hazelnuts with a vegetal note. Pied-De-Vent is made with whole milk from a single herd fed on the land of the Magdalen Islands. The cows are fed with the diversity of foliage from the Islands, which gives the cheese all its character.

The expression Pied-De-Vent is used in the Islands to designate the rays of the sun piercing through the clouds. Beliefs say that these sun rays announce strong winds.

This is a semi-soft raw cow's milk cheese. Product of Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec.

46% Moisture; 27% MF

Price per kg.: $87.90

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