Mike's BBQ Rub - Spicy Dry Rub



Mike's BBQ Rub, known for its famous Original Dry Spice Rub, is proud to bring you its SPICY RUB! Calling all heat seekers, this SPICY RUB has all the great flavour of the Original blend and turns up the heat with an added spicy kick of JALAPEÑO flavour! This all-purpose dry rub will dial up the taste of your ribs, pulled pork, chicken and so much more! Product of Quebec.

Mike’s Pro Tip: Transform ordinary chicken wings by using our SPICY RUB! Your favorite game day snack is about to get hotter!

Ingredients: sugars (brown sugar, maple sugar), spices (paprika), sea salt, dehydrated vegetables (garlic, onion), natural flavours, canola oil, silicon dioxide.

Size of unit: 240g

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