The Merry Dairy - Pint of Chocolate



The Merry Dairy is a local ice cream shop located in the Hintonburg neighbourhood of Ottawa. They use only the best ingredients, and handmake their traditional ice cream in their storefront on Fairmont Avenue. All of their flavours are original recipe, and all ice cream flavours, cookies and toppings are made in-house - except the Oreo cookies and rainbow sprinkles! Best of all, their ice cream is 100% nut- and peanut-free.

Sometimes after a complex day, it's the simple things that count. And chocolate ice cream, created in-house with a rich cocoa, hits the spot when you're on the spot... Gluten free. Soy lecithin free.

This product is ONLY available for delivery in the winter months. In the summer, ice cream is available for pickup. This is to ensure that you get a perfect pint every time.

Size of unit: 473mL

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