Mean Moe's BBQ - Original Badass Rub



This will soon be one of your family's favourite rubs in the kitchen. It's truly an "all-purpose" rub as it is great on pork, chicken, steak and fish. This rub has won Mean Moe's BBQ 1st Place in Brisket at their first Kansas City BBQ (KCBS) competition, as well as several other KCBS awards in Chicken and Pork. No artificial flavours or MSG. Product of Canada. Gluten free.

Pit Master recommendation: lightly brush top surface of protein with olive oil, apply even coating of rub so the top is completely covered. Let stand 5 minutes so rub sweats in, flip over and repeat.

Ingredients: sea salt, irradiated spices, ground coffee, dehydrated vegetables (garlic, onion), vegetable oil (canola).

Size of unit: 150g

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