Maison Fayard - Goose Fat



The Maison Fayard collections are a real invitation to savouring. Each product is selected for its finesse, its character, its authenticity or its balance; what we know for sure is that they don't leave anyone indifferent. Specializing in gourmet duck and goose products since their creation, today Maison Fayard is enriching their range of grocery products in order to offer a complete taste experience, always synonymous with pleasure.

With its subtle savoury flavour and luxurious texture, Goose Fat is prized for its versatility in the kitchen, its high smoke point, and its ability to impart rich flavour to a wide array of foods. Use this to cook delicious potatoes, make a warm vinaigrette, or simply spread it on your toast. Keep refrigerated. Product of Périgord, France. Preservative free. Gluten free.

Size of unit: 320g

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