Maison du Gibier - Duck Legs Confit



Confit Duck Leg is a tasty traditional recipe that must be executed with care. For all those wishing to taste the delicious flavour of duck confit without worrying about the preparation, Duck Legs Confit from La Maison du Gibier is the ideal product. All that remains for you is to reheat this dish that will make all your guests' mouths water.

Serve your dish with green vegetables such as green beans or cabbage. These foods will perfectly enhance the refined taste of duck confit. These confit legs also go well with risotto or rice flavoured with mushrooms or vegetables. Dare to prepare Duck Legs Confit offered by La Maison du Gibier. Its simplicity and its refined taste will impress your guests!

Fully steam cooked and vacuum-sealed. Keep refrigerated. Gluten free.

Items per package: 2

Size per unit: 400g

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