Maison du Gibier - Duck Terrine à l'Orange

Size: 185 g


La Maison du Gibier's Duck Terrine à l'Orange is wonderful as an appetizer, amuse-bouche or hors d'oeuvre for your well-attended dinner parties. On these occasions, La Maison du Gibier invites you to lay out this terrine. Whether you serve it on rusk, crackers or bread, the sweet taste of orange will enhance the aroma of the duck. This finely made game terrine is very similar to liver pâté or foie gras mousse.

A refined appetizer to expand the palette, Maison du Gibierès Duck Terrine à l'Orange will please your guests. Decorate the plate with fruits des champs or walnut, and enjoy the succulence of this transformed game meat.

Price per kg.: $31.99

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