This cheese is made using an ancestral recipe dating from the Middle Ages - the first written records date from the XVth century! This cheese owes its name to a village in Aube, in the heart of Chaource. The cheese’s exceptional character comes from the cows (which graze in the Champagne wetlands), time-honoured expertise and an unchanging recipe.

Chaource is a soft cheese made from whole cow's milk with a fragrant white rind. It's slightly salty, creamy, and supple. It's got a chalky interior with a stronger, aged taste under the rind. The taste is slightly fruity, with a melt in the mouth smooth texture. Try it straight on a slice of toast, paired with a glass of Porto or Champagne as an aperitif, or indulge in it as a snack all on its own. Product of France.

50% Moisture; 22% MF

Ingredients: whole cow’s milk, lactic ferments, animal rennet, salt.

Size of unit: 250g

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