L'Hercule de Charlevoix

Title: 100 g


The name of this cheese refers to the nickname given to Jean-Baptiste Grenon: Hercules du Nord. According to legend, this strongman from Baie-Saint-Paul was taken prisoner in 1759 by Wolfe's troops. He was quickly released, however, as no soldier was able to harness his mythical physical strength.

Produced by Laiterie Charlevoix in Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec, Hercule de Charlevoix is an artisanal cheese with a rosy coppery rind and a firm, smooth and supple paste, slightly grainy with ripening. It gives off marked odors of butter, with a farmy note. To taste, it reveals flavours of nuts, butter and grain, with a fruity finish. Hercules can be enjoyed on any occasion. It enhances the flavor of vegetables, omelets, gratins, quiches, pizzas and soups. Combined with Cheddar or Mozzarella, it adds a farmy touch that will give a unique taste to your favorite dishes. A firm, raw cow's milk cheese. Product of Quebec.

35% Moisture; 34% MF

Ingredients: unpasteurized milk, bacterial culture, salt, rennet.

Price per kg.: $72.90

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