Title: 100 g


Made from pasteurized cow's milk, this semi-soft cheese has a washed and brushed rind. Under its supple brown-orange rind hides a yellowish cream-colored paste with a smooth, supple texture dotted with small openings, streaked in the center by a layer of vegetable ash. The cheese has lactic, rustic, earthy and vegetal aromas. Regarding the taste, it is long in the mouth and its flavours are of cream, fresh nuts and green apple.

Why the name Le Douanier? It is funny to know that the Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser, who makes this cheese, is located a stone's throw from the border between Quebec and the United States and that the ash line in its center symbolizes the customs post of Lacolle. Pair with fruity red wines or blonde ales. Product of Quebec.

48% Moisture; 24% MF

Price per kg.: $52.90

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