La Meule du Moulin de Charlevoix

Title: 100 g


The Moulin de la Rémy is one of the last water mills in Quebec. Built a few steps from the Laiterie Charlevoix in 1827, this mill supplied wheat flour to the inhabitants of the township until 1950. The name of the cheese refers to the millstones still used today to grind the grain of cereal.

The Meule du Moulin has an orange rind and a light yellow, supple and creamy pate. Its aromas are vegetal and its flavours lactic, slightly acidulous and fruity. La Meule du Moulin can be enjoyed on many occasions. Perfect for breakfast with fresh berries or sliced ​​on toast, it is equally good as a starter accompanied by olives and cold meats. It also has a very melting texture, perfect for raclette and grilled cheese. This is a semi-soft pasteurized cow's milk cheese. Product of Quebec.

48% Moisture; 24% MF

Ingredients: pasteurized milk, bacterial culture, salt, rennet, calcium chloride.

Price per kg.: $59.90

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