Kingsway Wagyu - Frankfurters



This spin on the classic all-beef hot dog comes to us from Kingsway Farms, Canada's leading Wagyu beef company. They source only from pasture-raised herds with no added growth hormone. These frankfurters are made from 100% Wagyu beef, perfectly spiced and slowly smoked. Fire up that grill and enjoy the delectable taste of Wagyu in a bun!

100% vegetable grain-fed. Product of Ontario. Gluten free.

How to Prepare: Heat these frankfurters in your favourite way and top them just the way you love them.

Chef's Tip: These aren’t your ordinary franks, so why settle for ordinary toppings? Try offering roasted pepper or olive tapenade, caramelized fennel, or black garlic mayo as toppings.

Items per package: 4 hot dogs

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