Cahill's Original Irish Whiskey Cheddar

Title: 100 g


Products by Cahill's Farm in Limerick, Ireland, this yellow waxed gourmet cheese is handmade using Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey sourced from the Cooley distillery in Co. Louth, and pasteurized cow's milk. The cheese is then matured into a tantalizingly delicious aperitif. This is a traditional Irish monastic cheese, reputedly brought by the Irish monks to Scotland. A simple vintage Cheddar entwined with Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey, this cheese was originally created for festive occasions such as Harvest or Christmas. Now it can be enjoyed all year round!

This cheese has a mottled, golden hue. The taste of the cheese is smooth and rich, without the whiskey overwhelming the milky flavours. Enjoy this cheese with fruit, or paired with a couple fingers of whiskey. A firm cow's milk cheese. Product of Ireland.

Price per kg.: $56.90

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