House of BBQ Experts - Dragon BBQ Sauce



THE perfect all-purpose sauce! With its sweet, tomato-y, and spicy taste, this sauce is sure to impress any guest (even the picky brother-in-law)! House of BBQ Experts’ Dragon Sauce is a spicy BBQ sauce that goes wonderfully with any dish. Indeed, it is divine when brushed over ribs at the end of the cooking process and is as delicious when used as a side in your plate for you to dip your  pieces of chicken, pork, or even fries in. Whatever the dish you are cooking, this sauce will be sure to please everyone at the table, and excite their taste buds with its spicy kick! Contains fish and soy.

Pro tip: For an even bigger “wow” taste, mix the Dragon sauce with House of BBQ Experts’ Sweet Kansas or Tex-Max spice mix and rub.

Ingredients: sugars (brown sugar, corn syrup, molasses), concentrated tomato paste, vinegar, cider vinegar, salt, spices, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, natural flavor, ghost pepper powder.

Size per unit: 350mL

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