Florence Meats - Beef Boerewors

Size: 1 kg


Florence Meats is a second generation family business celebrating over 40 years in the Oakville community. They're a boutique butcher shop who specialize in local dry-aged beef, in-house smoked meats and poultry, and a wide range of premium products. These boerewors are made 100% in-house by Florence Meats. Sold frozen.

So what is Boerewors? The name is derived from Afrikaans words boer (“farmer”) and wors ("sausage"). Although there are many variations to this recipe, Florence Meats have been using the same recipe that Mario Goriup made at his shop in Cyrildene, Johannesburg, South Africa since the early 1960s. Product of Ontario. Gluten free.

Size of unit: 1kg

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