Coombe Castle - Saxonshires

Title: 100 g


Also known as Five Counties, this firm cow's milk cheese combines some of the finest regional English cheeses, each with their own distinct flavours and characteristics. A perfect blend of England’s favourite territorial cheeses, all layered to perfection: coloured Cheddar, white Cheddar, Cheshire, Red Leicester, and Double Gloucester. The alternating layers of yellow, orange and white makes this cheese visually stunning on a cheese platter.

Since all five kinds of cheese are either Cheddar or close to Cheddar, the resulting cheese is mild and buttery in taste, smooth in texture with hints of salt. Pair with a Chardonnay. It's mellow, slightly tangy, and a marvel in cheese architecture that was recognized with the coveted Gold Award at the 2007 World Cheese Awards.

Price per kg.: $49.90

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