Favuzzi - Truffle & Salt



Combining particularly fine grains with bits of real truffle, this salt truly brings to the forefront the taste of this rare mushroom with subtle floral and garlicky notes. A single pinch of Favuzzi's truffle salt will suffice to instantly elevate your pasta dishes and scrambled eggs. Absolutely delicious in mashed potatoes, it will also add that wow factor to your popcorn!

This salt is sourced from the Trapani and Paceco nature reserve in Sicily, an area comprising nearly 1,000 hectares, home to salt flats for many centuries. Today, the salt is still harvested partly by hand, following an ancient method, and crushed using wind energy, thanks to the many windmills still standing. Product of Italy.

Ingredients: sea salt (Sicily, Italy), summer truffle 5% (Tuber æstivum Vitt.), truffle flavour.

Size of unit: 100g

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