Equator Organic Coffee - Columbian CoSurCa, whole beans



In the Spring of 2019, Equator launched "Colombian Medium". No fancy name, no unfamiliar flavours. Just a great coffee from a great group of people. It's a smooth, creamy, classic coffee with tasting notes of nougat and just a touch of lemon.

The group behind Equator's "Colombian Medium" is called CoSurCa (short for Cooperativa del Sur de Cauca), and it has seen it all. Its history is connected to the changing tides of the drug war: it was founded as a project to help create an alternative to farmers growing drugs and in the 25 years since, it's proven a success. CoSurCa has around 1500 producer members (nearly one third are female members), all of whom the coop supports with helpful technical farming advice as well as financing from a coop loan and savings program. They focus on fair trade and organic coffee and working directly with coffee buyers such as our own group, Cooperative Coffees.

Whole beans; medium roast. Roasted and blended in Canada. Sold in a resealable pouch.

Size of unit: 12oz

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