Eco-Max - Automatic Dishwasher Pacs

Size: 900g


Eco-Max Hypoallergenic Automatic Dishwasher Pacs are a breakthrough in green cleaning technology utilizing potent cleaning properties of various ingredients derived from natural, plant-based and mineral ingredients. This free rinsing product washes dishes sparkling clean and residue free.

Remove food scraps from dishes before loading into dishwasher. Place pac into the dispenser cup and close cover. Always run the hot water tap in the kitchen sink until you get hot water and then start the dishwasher. Product of Ontario. Hypoallergenic. Not tested on animals. Fragrance free.

It’s always best to keep all cleaning products away from children’s reach.

Ingredients: sodium citrate, sodium carbonate, sodium percarbonate, sodium sulfate, polyaspartic acid, silicate, surfactant, citric acid, enzymes (protease, amylase), polyvinyl alcohol.

Size of unit: 900g or 360g

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