Drogheria Alimentari - Pink Himalayan Salt



Light and fragrant Pink Himalayan Salt gives a delicate taste to food, enhancing its original flavour without covering it. This Pink Salt is characterized by a delicate taste and a fragrant texture. It's handcrafted in Pakistani mines, on the slopes of the Himalayas. It is a pure salt because it's not subjected to any refining, and thus maintains the characteristic pink colour due to the high concentration of minerals.

Thanks to the practical grinder, this salt is easy to use for garnish. Because it dissolves more slowly than traditional sea salt, it is unsuitable for soups or dips; however it can be used for vegetable broth when cooked out for a long time. For this reason it's particularly suitable for white meats, grilled or boiled fish, raw or cooked vegetables and light sauces. Ideal to accompany dishes with a delicate flavour, but also to garnish dishes with elegance. Product of Pakistan, produced in Italy.

Size of unit: 90g

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