Double Gloucester

Title: 100 g


Double Gloucester is a traditional firm cheese, made from the milk of once nearly-extinct Old Gloucester cows. It traces its origins to 1498 in the City of Gloucester, England. It pairs well with a traditional British ale, or a nice red like Syrah. 

Double Gloucester is traditionally made in large wheels using the cream from the night's milking and the following day's milk. Its sister cheese, Single Gloucester, uses milk from the same day and is pale yellow. You may spot the distinctive grey-blue moulds on its hard and thick natural rind, as well as the marks from the cloth that surrounded it during its maturation.

Fun Fact:

There are two reasons for the thick rind on this cheese.

First, these cheeses needed to be able to withstand annual cheese-rolling ceremonies, when Double Gloucester would be rolled down the hills of Gloucestershire to demarcate areas where grazing rights were held!

But the second, more demanding reason is that tradition dictated that cheese merchants jump on their Double Gloucester with both feet to test whether the wheel had matured enough so it could be shipped. The cheese passed inspection if the rind didn't crack. But what a tasty mess to clean up when it did!

Double Gloucester still participates every year in the Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake, where buyers jump on the cheese to evaluate its quality and sustainability.

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