Black Garlic is a product originally from Japan. It was discovered by accident during conservation tests on white garlic bulbs, but its unique taste has made it a cornerstone of Asian cooking over the course of the years. Over recent decades Black Garlic has also won popularity in Europe, becoming one of the most sought-after ingredients of top French chefs.

Condifrance's Black Garlic is produced through a long process of maturing traditional French bulbs, inspired by the ancestral methods of the Japanese culinary artists who have cultivated it for so long. This process is 100% natural and done with no chemicals, colorants or preservatives.

The original gourmet qualities of Black Garlic pair well with a variety of dishes, revealing subtly sweet flavours reminiscent of licorice, caramel, prunes and raisins. Slice fine and spread over toast with olive oil, or use it to create a sauce for your favourite roast or side dish - even on salad!

P.S. The soft texture of Black Garlic bulbs is normal! Keep in a dry place, away from light. Product of Spain.

Bulbs per package: 2

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