Ciel de Charlevoix

Title: 100 g


Ciel de Charlevoix - the sky above the sea and the mountain - is impressive and full of intensity. The cheese of the same name shows, not surprisingly, a comparable intensity, displayed from the first glance on its straw-colored paste, which gives shine to its bluish veins. Persistent on the palate, creamy, even almost buttery, it also shows an aniseed side somewhat reminiscent of the caraway that grows around the meadows of Baie-Saint-Paul where it's made. The salinity of the cheese, combined with the other flavours, reminds us that the sea is not far away, only around the fields that make up the land.

Try using this to garnish a pizza topped with thin slices of potato, strong Italian sausage and rosemary. Tasted as is, its power will be measured against a port or other fortified wines. This is a semi-soft raw cow's milk cheese. Product of Quebec.

Ingredients: whole milk, salt, rennet, bacterial culture, P.Roqueforti.

42% Moisture; 32% MF

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