Chavroux Pure Goat's Cheese - Figs



Chavroux is a soft French goat's cheese packed interestingly in pyramid-shaped small containers. Made from 100% goat's milk, its inimitable melt-in-the-mouth taste & texture appeals to lovers of chevre cheese. This variation comes mixed with fresh fig throughout.

The mild-tasting cheese is found all year round and served with salads but can also be used as a form of cheese spread. Years of know-how and expertise makes Chavroux the leading brand of goat's cheese, with the smooth, creamy texture loved by the whole family. Chavroux brings the perfect goat cheese for every occasion, with a soft finish, paired with a refreshingly mild and light flavour. With none of the typical sharpness of goat’s cheese, Chavroux is a pleasurable addition to your menu. Product of France.

69% Moisture; 12% MF

Size of unit: 150g

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