Celebrity - Dill Goat Cheese



Celebrity Goat understands that crafting quality goat’s milk products is an art. That’s why their mild and tangy goat cheese is blended to be the perfect canvas for an array of artisanal flavor expressions - in this case, fresh and tangy dill. Their 100% goat milk cheese logs are hand-rolled in a curated assortment of herbs and preserves for impeccable quality and a premium presentation that you will be proud to serve. They believe that famously good cheeses and butters are made with care, not machines.

Their chèvre is fresh and creamy, with a slightly sharp and lightly acidic flavour. Made in Canada, they've added a holiday twist to the traditional goat log by topping it with dill. The freshness of dill creates a unique holiday cheese that could not be more ideal for entertaining throughout the season. This is a soft goat's milk cheese. Product of Canada.

56% Moisture; 22% MF

Size of unit: 113g

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