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Established in 1984, Cashel Blue is the original Irish farmhouse cow’s milk blue cheese. Cashel Blue is a unique creation of Jane and Louis Grubb. Developed at a time when softer blue cheeses were a rarity in the English speaking world, Cashel Blue truly set the trend as an alternative to the traditional and stronger Blue Stilton. Cashel Blue does not aim to be like any other blue cheese, instead representing a style of blue cheese reflective of the people and place from which it hails.

Characterful but not strong, this is a semi-soft and creamy-edged raw cow's milk cheese with an established blue character – offset by a mouth-watering tanginess. This award-winning cheese has a white appearance when young, turning increasingly towards a buttery yellow as it matures. The rind, which with time can develop a film of surface mould, is untreated and is therefore edible. It is intrinsic to the cheese and contributes to the breaking down of the paste, adding further flavour and complexity. 
Product of Ireland.

Ingredients: pasteurized cow’s milk, salt, rennet, starter cultures, Penicillum Roquefortii.

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