Bearded Butcher - Hollywood Blend



Silky smooth butter flavour, mixed with some of the Bearded Butcher's other best flavours, combine for a natural butter type flavour that's, as always, MSG free, and comes with no fillers or anti-caking chemicals. This is simply natural butter flavour with a Bearded Butcher twist. Gluten free.

Use this as butter chicken spices, butter steak seasoning, corn on the cob, toast, eggs, and of course, a delicious twist on butter popcorn seasoning. As always, "use it on everything!"

Ingredients: cane sugar, brown sugar, dehydrated garlic & onion, spices (including celery), sea salt, paprika, molasses powder (cane sugar, cane molasses, cane carmel colour), citric acid, natural spice extractive of paprika.

Size of unit: 5.5oz

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