San Daniele - Prosciutto



When it comes to Italian deli meats, none is more revered than Prosciutto, and no Prosciutto is more adored than the San Daniele Prosciutto. Made according to old-world tradition, San Daniele has been dubbed the #1 Prosciutto Brand in Canada.

A carefully crafted masterpiece, this Prosciutto delights the tastebuds of deli connoisseurs far and wide. This product bursts with the classic flavour, unique fragrance and a naturally rosy colour that only time can achieve. Enjoy the delectable melt-in-your-mouth taste of San Daniele Prosciutto by adding it to any savoury appetizer, entrée or antipasto dish. Try wrapping it around melon for a truly delicious treat. Keep refrigerated. Nitrate free. Gluten free.

Size of unit: 100g

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