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Kefalotyri is a traditional Greek cheese made from sheep's milk. It's a very firm, light-yellow cheese with a sharp flavour and dry texture. Dating back to the Byzantine era, the cheese is believed to be the ancestor of most firm Greek cheeses.

Kefalotyri tastes similar to Gruyere, though it's harder and saltier. The cheese is consumed as is, or added to a wide variety of pasta, meat and cooked vegetable dishes. It's traditionally served fried in strips or cubes for a dish called Saganaki, a Greek appetizer featuring delectable flambéed cheese. This cheese is especially suited for grating atop sauces, pizza, stews and salads. Ideal for cheeseboards, it can be served with fresh seasonal fruit such as pears, figs or grapes, alongside red wine and sausages. Product of Greece.

38% Moisture; 31% MF

Price per kg.: $45.90

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