Smoked Pork Neck, sliced

Size: 120 g


If you've never tried Smoked Pork Neck, you're in for a treat! We source this delicious snack from a local Ontario company who sells specialty meats inspired by traditional German recipes.

Smoked Neck is a European specialty that uses pork neck, which is a marbled portion of the ham. One of the things that sets this Smoked Neck apart from other high-end double-smoked products is the marbled nature of this selection of ham. After trimming, butchers marinate the ham in lightly seasoned brine for two weeks. After this two week marinating process the hams are hung and sent to the smokehouse, where they finish the transformation into Smoked Neck. When the process of natural wood smoking has been completed twice, the Smoked Neck is hung in drying rooms for one week. Then it's ready for your table! Product of Kitchener, Ontario.

Price per kg.: $47.99


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